Friday, June 14, 2013

Hatsune Miku Project Diva F Demo

This past Tuesday Sega release a demo of the English version of Project Diva F.  Compared to the Vita version which sadly they opted not to port over as well, the graphics are definitely sharper and the colors feel more vibrant.  The brightness of the game as well as the larger screen can be a problem as I've found myself dropping combos due to losing track of where the notes are flying, but it might be just me not having picked up the game recently.

However, I'm kinda disappointed that they didn't actually translate the lyrics to the songs and just put them into romaji, which for those who do not know Japanese is just instead of using Japanese kana and kanji, it is written out in alphabetical letters.  I'd hope that they would change it or add it to the release build.

The game is scheduled for a PSN only release on the PS3 in August.  Still debating whether to double dip as I've bought the Japanese Vita version along with the DLC songs. :/

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