Friday, June 14, 2013

Hatsune Miku Project Diva F Demo

This past Tuesday Sega release a demo of the English version of Project Diva F.  Compared to the Vita version which sadly they opted not to port over as well, the graphics are definitely sharper and the colors feel more vibrant.  The brightness of the game as well as the larger screen can be a problem as I've found myself dropping combos due to losing track of where the notes are flying, but it might be just me not having picked up the game recently.

However, I'm kinda disappointed that they didn't actually translate the lyrics to the songs and just put them into romaji, which for those who do not know Japanese is just instead of using Japanese kana and kanji, it is written out in alphabetical letters.  I'd hope that they would change it or add it to the release build.

The game is scheduled for a PSN only release on the PS3 in August.  Still debating whether to double dip as I've bought the Japanese Vita version along with the DLC songs. :/

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ten Games Japanese Gamers Reccomend

Following up on that article from Kotaku I mentioned in my Dungeon Travelers 2 post, I can agree on most of their recommendations.  Aside from Dungeon Travelers 2 I've also played Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus and DmC.  Those are really fun games and they play really well (ignoring Senran Kagura's excessive fanservice).  I'm surprised as with most people that the Japanese loved Far Cry 3, which I haven't gotten my hands on yet but am looking for it to be on sale during the Steam Summer Sale.

Demon Gaze and 7th Dragon 2020 II are some RPG's I haven't really heard much of, but they do like like excellent games.  The 7th Dragon series has never and localization and probably never will, but as Demon Gaze is a new IP, I'm hoping one of the niche developers here in the US like Atlus, Aksys, NIS America, or Xseed will pick it up.

NIS's The Guided Fate Paradox is coming over sometime in the Fall and I am looking forward to the spirtual sequel to Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs Darkdeath Evilman.  That was a fun spin on the roguelike RPG genre and had quite a few cameos from Disgaea and various manga/anime.  Hoping Guided Fate Paradox will do the same.

Soul Sacrifice is out right now but I haven't the opportunity try it out/ buy it, but the reviews have been positive.  Macross 30 is something the states will never see but as new Macross fan I'll believe the Japanese to its quality.

Dungeon Travelers 2 The Royal Library and the Seal of Mamono

After reading an article that caught my eye at Kotaku that lists ten games Japanese gamers recommend this year, Dungeon Travelers 2 caught my interest.  Easily described as a Moe dungeon crawler RPG with tons of fanservice, with tons of ecchi CG's and just about every enemy in the game being some kind of anthropomorphosized monster-girl, or fruit,(seriously Fruit.).  Aside from all of that, it is a pretty enjoyable game that differentiates itself a lot from other dungeon crawlers.

For one, you don't create your own characters in this game.  Instead as you progress, new girls join your team about every chapter of the game and each of them have their own classes available and you build your party around it.  Speaking of classes, there are tons of them as there are five base classes that split into a large class tree.  From the first class it splits into two, and from those it splits into another two.
For example here is the fighter class tree from this wiki
Dark Lord

Gameplay is standard dungeon crawler RPG fare, explore dungeons, find treasure, fill maps, random encounters, trap floors etc.  In battle each character takes turns like your normal RPG instead of the usual your team then enemy team turn orders most dungeon crawlers take like Etrian Odyssey.  The battles flow pretty fast from what I've played and aren't as slow or as difficult as many dungeon crawlers usually are.

I happened across a sale on the Limited Edition premium box set for the game shortly after reading the article at  From their full retail price of $128.99 to just $79.99 I took the opportunity to snag it up for myself.  Consider myself lucky :P

The premium box set includes a cardboard box that holds inside the game, a deck of playing cards decorated with some of the monsters from the game, a artbook, soundtrack, and drama CD.  I was also lucky to still receive the pre-order bonus that I guess yesasia had leftovers of which include a PSP skin and a PSN code for a PSP custom theme.

The game was released in Japan in March 28 2013 and is rated for 17+.
Developed by Aquaplus, Game Website   

Cleaning up the dust

After neglecting my blog for so long I'm back!.  Dunno why I just stopped writing but I guess I just got lazy and have just been using my twitter for all the small talk.  With summer approaching and so many great games played within the past 6 months or so since I've stopped, I figured I should start writing up stuff again.  I'll be trying to post so impressions or reviews with the games I've played as well as some interesting news/topics I'd like to comment about.

Next month I'll be heading down to Anime Expo in Los Angeles for my 6th year and will write about some stuff that I'll see.  For now I'll try and post some stuff I've done recently regarding my gaming life and maybe some anime(which is a topic I've never really blogged about much).