Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Finished watching Date A Live

Well I've just finished watching Date A Live from this past Spring 2013 anime season and I thoroughly enjoyed it for what it is. Parodying visual novels from time to time with a story about saving the world by dating Spirts to seal their destructive powers.  I was mainly attracted to this series because of Tsunako's moe artwork, mainly as I enjoyed Tsunako's other work with the designs for Hyperdimension Neptunia.  The anime itself is based on the light novels written by Koushi Tachibana, with currently 7 or 8 novels about.  This series seems to be based around the first 4 novels.

The cast of character's in this anime was pretty likeable, with my favorites being Tobuichi Origami for her straightforward awkwardness and her monotonous voice leads to some funny interactions with Shido.  Another character I enjoyed was Itsuka Kotori, Shido's younger sister, mainly because she's your textbook twin-tailed loli tsundere that is in almost every romantic comedy anime.  One character that I dislike but is apparently a huge fan favorite is Tokisaki Kurumi.  I don't really have a reason do dislike her but I just do.

I'm not a great judge on animation quality, but I love the animation and the bright colors used in the show. Fanservice was on the tame side for my taste, only appearing on episodes where needed.  I found the voice acting and OST to be pretty good, as well as the OP and ED themes.

After the 12th episode ended there was a preview of the second season that will be aired sometime in the future continuing the story.  Looking forward to it when it does.

*picture from July 2013 Newtype magazine.

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