Friday, July 20, 2012

Mugen Souls PS3 Limited Edition Figure Set Pre-order announced

Originally saw this during Anime Expo 2012, NIS America has now officially announced the Limited Edition Figure Set for Mugen Souls on PS3 exclusively or pre-order on the NIS America online store.

The normal Limited Edition will include:
• The Mugen Souls Game for PlayStation 3
• An original soundtrack
Online Store exclusive: A hardcover art book (35+ pages)
Online Store exclusive: The Shampuru body sponge and hand towel

The Limited Edition Figure Set features the above items as well as:
Online Store exclusive:A Nendoroid Petite figure set box produced by Good Smile Company which contains a detailed figure of Chou-Chou Infinite (poseable with interchangeable face and arms), Altis (poseable with interchangeable face and arms), and a Shampuru (1-inch figure).

If you were to pre-order the game anywhere else, you don't get any of these items, so if you're interested in the exclusive items, pre-order here from their online store:

Both Limited Editions will not get reprinted once they run out and if like the Atelier Meruru Limited Edition before, it will sell out weeks before release.

From what I've seen, this game looks to be for the crazy "Moe" anime fans.  It's graphics style focuses on chibi models and those "mow" facial expressions.  Its gameplay system resembles that of Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 with the turn based free movement battles, and the ridiculous over-the-top animations and damage from  Disgaea series.  The game just seems to be the fusion of both NIS and Complie Heart/Idea Factory.

Being a sucker for limited editions from NIS America I already pre-ordered at Anime Expo for $100 and got a exclusive pin set.

The game is scheduled for release September 18th 2012.

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