Thursday, September 6, 2012

Valkyria Chronicles 3 Complete Artworks gets a US release, though the game is still not coming.

The North American publisher of many video game artbooks Udon Entertainment will release the Valkyria Chronicles 3: Complete Artworks book this December 2012.

The artbook will include illustrations by lead character designer Raita Honjō, with character biographies, vehicle and weapon designs, promotional art, creator commentary, and interviews.

Udon seems to care a lot for the American fans that missed out on the game as they will also include a in-depth summary of the third game's story since Sega has shown no interest in localizing the game for American audiences.  This seems like the closest we will get to having the game I suppose and it's better than nothing.  They have also released artbooks for the first two Valkyria Chronicles.

The 256-page book will retail for US$44.99. 

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