Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Phoenix Wright returns in Ace Attorney 5! (Updated!)

Great news for fans of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney as a 5th game in the series has been announced for the Nintendo 3DS.  Set one year after Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the 4th entry in the series, Phoenix returns as a lawyer after losing his license eight years ago after a conspiracy. He is accompanied by a mysterious girl in yellow who wears a black glove on her right hand and a crescent earring.

New in this game, scenes within the courtroom are now in complete 3D, including all characters like the judge, Phoenix himself, and probably anyone who appears in the courtroom.  The camera in the courtroom can be controlled by the player to view from many angles.

One of the first scans shows him facing off the younger brother of veteran prosecutor Winston Payne, who you may remember from past games.  Phoenix's first client appears to be a high school girl who is prone to spasm attacks.

It's still a mystery as to whether characters from previous games will make an entrance such as Apollo Justice, Trudy Wright, and the absence of Maya and other members of the Fey family.  No release date for the game has been announced yet.

Update: Capcom has confirmed that Ace Attorney 5 will be getting a release in the West.

Images and source from:Anime News Network

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