Saturday, August 25, 2012

Funimation announces English Dub cast and a trailer for A Certain Magical Index

Funimation today released the voice cast and a trailer for A Certain Magical Index (Toaru Majutsu no Index).
Cast list is here from Anime News Network

For the longest time I've been wonder if we would ever be able to see this series in the states after first watching the series back in 2009.  Index originally aired in the Fall season of 2008 but I let is slip under my watchlist until I saw an AMV featuring the series and a friend introduced me to the series.

So the plot for A Certain Magical Index is fairly simple, a student named Kamijou Touma lives in Academy City where everything is pretty high tech compared to other parts of the world.  Most of the students around here possess some form of skill or ability and they're ranked from level 0(no powers) to level 5(exceptional).  Of course, our hero for this story is a powerless average joe, but his right hand has a power called Imagine Breaker, the ability to negate any form of esper power or magic he touches.

One day he mysteriously finds a girl hanging from his balcony who calls herself Index.  She then informs Touma that she is on the run from an organization of magicains called Necessarius which she also happens to be a part of. 

Funimation has the series split into two parts and they will be released by the end of October this year.

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