Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Firefall Beta!!

So I woke up this morning to check my e-mail and I was surprised to finally get a beta invite to the exclusive closed beta of the upcoming shooter-MMO Firefall.  I have been waiting patiently for a key since the game was first announced for beta last year.  They would only ever send out keys once in a while so I was bound to get one eventually.

I had the opportunity this summer to play the game during their visit to Anime Expo 2012 with their big gaming rig.
From what I've played during Anime Expo, PVP is class-based like Team Fortress 2 but with some really fast paced combat, but not as fast as something like Tribes:Ascend.  In the open world environment, it's kinda comparable to something like Borderlands with the huge open world and tons of monsters to shoot at and earn XP and loot.

The beta seems to get updated pretty frequently so I'm sure things are different now than I played it then so I'm looking forward to blogging more about this exciting new game.

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