Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tales of Xillia 2's DLC Costumes

As I'm eagerly waiting for Tales of Xillia 2 to be released and my pre-order to be shipped,  screenshots and ads for the anime-crossover DLC costumes from Madoka Magica and Code Geass have been revealed.

The Code Geass DLC includes the original series Lelouch of the Rebellion and the new Akito the Exiled series.  As for the Madoka Magica costumes, Milla as Homura, Elise as Madoka, and Leia as Mami.  Certainly not what I expected and where's Kyouko and Sayaka?  I honestly thought Milla could have had Sayaka's costume as she uses a sword, and Leia would have Kyouko's since she uses a staff.

Anyways, each costume will cost 500 yen a piece and there's also a Kyubey attachment for 200 yen.  Tales of Xillia comes out November 1st and I'll be getting my copy soon after it's released.

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